Hey guys, how are you doing? Good, I trust. I hope you have been enjoying the weekend. It has been a pretty stressful week here but God got us 😊. So… to today’s post: I collaborated with a friend; one with a remarkable taste in fashion, and we are donning a very rare apparel, and it is a t-shirt that everyone should have in their closet if they want to draw positive attention. Today’s post is basically showing you two different ways of rocking your tees. Trust me when I say you can’t go wrong pairing your white tees with … Continue reading RARE x MOLO


Hey guys ,how are we doing today ? Good I trust 😊.Still on the urban man series I bring to you another totally rad outfit, isn’t that good news? ,   well today I’m showing y’all how to mix,match and put together that traditional outfit you have in one corner of your box you never get to wear in such a way that’s it’s totally rad and urban. This outfit definitely is workable and easy, mixing my cool teal colored danshiki with the most comfortable shoe, Nike roshe,also teal green to keep it all cool, Uno so Swanky and comfortable … Continue reading URBAN -TRAD


The urban man series aims at showing to the general public that you can create a style that’s both functional and still retains its dash of creativity and hue ,  with the simple combinations of colors and prints the pieces are put together to stand out , the check buttoned down shirt is one every guy must have in his wardrobe and its really affordable and relatively available , paired with army green pants played down by a blue and white adidas super star , this completes the look , so youre looking good , without breaking the bank. Your comments … Continue reading THE URBAN MAN


Hey guys 😀.. Good evening and Happy  last Sunday of the month! Hope you had a lovely weekend ? Sure you did 😉 With the likes of konami and lit weddings like the one I  Slyed konami for 😌 Lol , so to today’s post .                        When you’re bad and good at it, this look right here is for the bad boys, the heart breakers, that guy your girl keeps dm’ing, that guy that pulls up and is more stunning than his benz when he steps out, the beautiful demon, … Continue reading GOOD BOY, BAD GANG.


Hey guys, how are we doing ? good i trust. I’m sorry for the inconsistency. School  be really stressful, but i promise to post more often now. Today’s post is one which I connect to a lot, on this project I had the opportunity of telling a story. Expressing an emotion , I do hope you all get to feel it like I did. 1. Do you feel the solitude she portrays? The mesmerizing empathy she depicts. Do you fathom the cold imprints she sketches? The insanity of beauty and vileness in that body. Of calmness and simplicity, the touch … Continue reading LIBERATION X DALTIMORE